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Whose IP address is it?

When looking at logs (web, email, ssh) at you don’t recognize an IP address, what are some easy ways to find out if it’s a “friendly” IP address (someone using Comcast wifi from different locations) versus a hacker from another country. – Look up who owns the bigger netblock – More useful for finding out where in the world that subnet might be

Creating a password protected zip file

I’ve found that the easiest way to create a password protected zip file, is to use the freely available 7-zip.

C:\7z.exe a fileyouwantzipped -pPUT_PASS_PHRASE_HERE

7-Zip 18.05 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Igor Pavlov : 2018-04-30

Scanning the drive:
1 file, 13626 bytes (14 KiB)

Creating archive:

Add new data to archive: 1 file, 13626 bytes (14 KiB)

Files read from disk: 1
Archive size: 11376 bytes (12 KiB)
Everything is Ok


A pretty easy way to generate passwords/pass phrases is to visit: and change options as you see fit.

Belarc Advisor – Find Installed Software License Keys

You know the feeling when you are trying to reinstall software on a computer…you’ve done it many times…but all of a sudden you can’t find the original DVD with the software key printed on it?

Yup.  M e too.

Belarc Advisor ( to the rescue.  It will tell you the licenses of software already installed on the computer.

It also tells you a whole lot about your computer’s system: disk space, memory, etc.

Delete partitions on Drives (USB especially)

Microsoft DiskPart version 6.2.9200

Copyright (C) 1999-2012 Microsoft Corporation.
On computer: COMPUTER

DISKPART> list disk

Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
——– ————- ——- ——- — —
Disk 0 Online 298 GB 0 B
Disk 1 Online 7509 MB 6619 MB

DISKPART> select disk 1

Disk 1 is now the selected disk.


DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk.

DISKPART> create partition primary

DiskPart succeeded in creating the specified partition.


This info was copied from:

Easy to use ‘touch’ command for windows/gui

I’m really used to being able to change timestamps from inside the unix shell. Occasionally I need to do this in Windows, and it’s not that simple to do. However, this tool brings right-clicking on a filename to change timestamps to your computer:

TouchPro by JD Design

TouchPro allows you to change any combination of file time attributes through a file’s property pages. It fully integrates into Windows Explorer giving you the ability to affect the timestamps of:

  • Individual files
  • The results of any file searches possible with Explorer. For example: particular file types, or for files within a date range.
  • Entire folder hierarchies

The registered version of TouchPro enables extra facilities:

  • Separate time & date modification.
  • Touch files and/or folders.
  • Touch read-only files and folders.
  • Save settings.
  • Time offset modification – useful if your computer or camera’s date is set incorrectly and you need files timestamps changing to the correct time.
  • Load the time from the timestamp of a file or folder, or from embedded time properties in pictures, email or Microsoft Office documents.
  • Select 24 hour time, and long or short date format.
  • Command line version.
  • Context menu operations to Touch with the saved settings, or the current time.